AT EAG we don’t just maintain your vehicle so it’ll last forever. We also offer performance upgrades backed with a warranty. We also offer upgrades that are designed better than factory parts to keep your engine, suspension, etc, together. Below is a look at what we have to offer for your car.

LN Engineering

Own a Porsche Boxster, 911, or Cayman? Have you read about the dreaded IMS bearing failure? No need to worry. We can help! We are a dealer for LN Engineering who supplies upgraded IMS bearings, along with other Porsche upgrades. We have the special tool to install the IMS bearing saving us from dropping the motor, and you lots of dollars!! It is highly recommended to have your Porsche examined to make sure your IMS is not noisy, leaking, or coming apart inside the filter!

Exhaust Systems

 We are a dealer for several exhaust systems. We believe in sound at European Auto Garage and lots of it! We offer Fabspeed, Eisenmann, Akrapovic, and Vanguard Exhaust systems for your European vehicle. From a Golf exhaust from Vanguard all the way to Cayenne, X5 exhaust systems from Fabspeed and Eisenmann. Give us a call for pricing and install!!




We know a thing or two about suspension setups having helped build Porsche racecars. We offer a wide range of suspension products. KW coilovers, H&R products, Eibach, Koni, and Bilstein. We can get just about anything for any Make or Model.





VMR Wheels

VMR offers high quality wheels for your VW, Audi, BMW, and Pontiac at an affordable price! Our very own cars have VMR wheels. Give us a call and we can price out a set for your ride!
















Juicebox Upgrades

Own a BMW? Own one that has a N54 or N55 motor? Or do you have one that has a N52? Or better yet a N57 Diesel motor? Well your in luck. We are a dealer for Burger Motorsports who supplies Juicebox upgrades for your N52/N54/N55/N57.

If you want the best bang for your buck you have come to the right place. Does 50 to 100whp sound appealing out of your turbo 6? With about an hour of install time you can have this in a flash. They offer JB+ which adds around 50HP to the wheels. JB4 which adds close to 100whp and also includes several neat features that you can change on the fly via steering wheel control buttons. It includes: 7 different maps, shift light, boost gauge, methonal gauge, exhaust can flap, and gauge sweep! Get the most out of your N54, N55, N57 motor.

For you N52 guys Burger hasn’t forgot about you. Have you felt that your car lacks a bit in the power department? Or that laggy throttle is quite annoying? Burgers PBX (Powerbox) upgrade nets you around 10whp and 15wtq for $279!! It also takes out the lag in the pedal and makes your N52 BMW feel like it should have felt from the factory. It comes preloaded with 7 different maps available.

They also offer downpipes for N54/N55 motors. Intakes, angel eye bulb upgrades, interior light upgrades, exhaust systems, and upgraded clutch delay valve.

Give us a call to hook your BMW up with some serious performance! You won’t be disappointed!


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