M62 4.4L Timing Chain

So you have a M62 4.4L V8 stuffed under the hood of your BMW 540i, 740i, 840ci, or X5? Starting to smell some oil?Starting to notice it puff some smoke out of the exhaust? Noticing you have to top off your oil more than usual? Most likely you have a combination of issues going on. One your V8 probably has over 100,000 miles on it. Two it most likely is seaping oil from the timing covers and the oil seperator has failed.

If you expect to keep your M62 motor running for another 100,000+ miles start budgeting now for Timing Chain/Covers maintenance. These motors are known to leak from the timing covers, oil seperators to go bad, and even break timing rails!! Don’t screw around with this if you plan to keep your V8 BMW for a long time. Our shop use to have a 2001 740i Sport that had 240K miles on it before it was sold. It had this very same preventive maintenance done to it as well around 170K.

Below are some pictures showing what all is involved. New timing chains, gaskets, valley pan, oil seperator, oil, coolant, etc. Call for an estimate!


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