European Auto Garage is a JUICEBOX Dealer!

European Auto Garage is a Juicebox dealer!

We can’t stress enough how great of a modification this is on your 2007+ N54 motor. We have installed the juicebox on 2 seperate 335’s the feedback has been fantastic. Stop in and get a quote – you wont regret it!

Burger Tuning hasn’t forgotten about the N52 motors in the Z4, E60s, 325, 328, and 330s either. The PBX upgrade will improve throttle response greatly, add 10HP and 15TQ, and also gives you several maps to choose from.

Stage 1 – adds up to 30 horsepower to the wheels

Stage 2 – JB Plus (JB+) – adds an adjustable 30-60 horsepower to the wheels

Stage 3 – adds up to 80+ horsepower to the wheels

Depending on octane and supporting modifications, much high power figures are also available!

Designed specifically for the 2007+ BMW N54 twin turbo engine, the JB Performance Tuner provides a safe and effective remap of the factory ECU tuning. Since its release in 2007 the JB BMW Performance Tuner has quickly become the gold standard for N54 tuning due to its perfect blend of performance, reliability, smooth power delivery, and value. There are over 10,000 JB tunes in use World Wide!

With the exception of gobs of extra power, factory drivability and refinement are preserved. The key is its unique passive design which allows the JB to work in conjunction with the factory ECU. Factory fuel economy is preserved when not racing, and the JB is one of the few N54 tuners that does not cause annoying check engine lights or limp mode conditions.

Installation takes minutes using basic hand tools and is completely plug and play with no cutting of wires.

The JB Performance Tuners are not traceable through the factory ECU/DME (Including the new 29.2 and later ECU software and MSD81 ECU designed to detect tuners) and can be quickly removed leaving no sign of modification. Installation is very discrete allowing most customers to leave the unit installed for basic service.

Most importantly, the JB delivers. This is how the car should have come from the factory. The additional horsepower and torque profoundly transforms the BMW twin turbo from a mild sports sedan to a true sports car. Power is instant and pushes you deep in to your seat. Turbo whine at high rpm is slightly more pronounced making for a thrilling driving experience.

Stage 1 adds up to 30 horsepower, Stage 2 JB Plus (JB+) adds an adjustable 30-60 horsepower to the wheels, and Stage 3 adds up to 80 horsepower and 80 torque to the wheels (100hp / 100tq crank).
For those looking for even more power we offer inexpensive upgrades to push power to the max. Our development 135i and 335i are the worlds quickest running documented 0-60 times of 3.5 seconds,
1/4 mile times as fast as 11.3 with trap speeds as fast as 133 mph!



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